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GSM Association establishes mobile initiative

The GSM Association has announced the creation of the Mobile Services Initiative (M-Services), a global industry move to enhance benefits to consumers using GSM handsets


The Association is hoping the move will mobilise the wireless industry, rallying the operator community to provide clear guidance to handset manufacturers and software developers on the needs of consumers of Mobile Internet services going forward.


"The wireless industry has established a clear need for M-Services, and working with leading manufacturers of handsets and service platforms," said GSM Association Chair Scott Fox, "The Association has compiled a set of prioritised, compelling service guidelines - on a freely available basis - that can be offered in the future by any manufacturer of GPRS handsets."


"The M-Services initiative was undertaken by the GSM Association to enable GPRS users to experience a new level of consistently available services through the Mobile Internet," said GSM Association CEO Rob Conway. "These services could include enhanced graphics, music, video, games, ring tones, screen savers* and other compelling services, which will be brought easily to the mobile screens of consumers."


Manufacturers such as Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Sagem, Samsung and Siemens have come out in support of the M-Services initiative.

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