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Fundamentals of Wireless

Many designers under appreciate the many issues associated with wirelessly enabling their designs, to the extent that delays of up to three or four months are commonplace. As the number of wirelessly enabled embedded starts to grow exponentially with the emergence of the smart grid and myriad portable devices and sensors, the number of engineers getting blindsided will grow proportionately.

It is with this in mind that we present the Fundamentals of Wireless, where Octoscope’s president Fanny Mlinarsky, a recognized expert it the field of wireless, will provide the information needed to get a wireless design of the ground -- on deadline.Starting with the an overview of wireless interface options, both standard and proprietary, the course will cover terminology, FCC regulations and the unlicensed bands, will continue through the selection of a wireless interface and guidelines on antenna layout, and finish with practical, hands-on implementation example using a radio design from Silicon Labs.

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