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It solves the problems of poor authenticity, accuracy and consistency of traditional aquaculture data by manual detection. It can greatly improve the pertinence and timeliness of water environment treatment, reduce morbidity and mortality, effectively control and prevent risks, and reduce the monitoring operation cost.
Industrial products require high precision. However, traditional manufacturing equipment often needs to rely on the experience of production and maintenance personnel, which not only requires high manpower, but also is difficult to meet the accuracy. The AND GLOBAL module facilitates intelligent manufacturing, aiming to create more efficient and accurate industrial equipment.
Data Transfer unit ( DTU ) is a wireless terminal device specially used for converting serial port Data into IP Data or converting IP Data into serial port Data for transmission through wireless communication network.
Most smart city applications are widely distributed, the wireless environment is complex, the power supply conditions and construction conditions vary greatly, and the operation and maintenance costs are high.
With the development of society and the promotion of "Internet +", people pay more and more attention to security issues, and the security industry is facing great opportunities. The concept of "Internet +" is sweeping the world and becoming a new driving force for security development.
With the outbreak of bicycle sharing, the sharing economy is gradually being integrated into daily life. When people experience the convenience brought by sharing umbrellas, charge pal, parking spaces, etc., the sharing economy mode itself continues to develop.
There have been many inconveniences over making cash payments in the past, and smart payments have made payments simple and convenient, and have even spawned new scenarios such as the sharing economy and new retail. AND GLOBAL 4G breakout facilitates the networking of traditional businesses and makes it possible for customer products to be applied to new scenarios.
Products supported by the AND-GLOBAL wireless communications module enable existing conventional vehicles to be quickly connected to the cloud and make it more environmentally friendly, more efficient, safer and smarter to use and manage cars.
AND-global applies the core technology of the communication network to energy regulation and power grid transformation, in order to improve power energy efficiency for the world’s low-carbon economy.
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