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Samsung mass producing 8GB DDR3 module for lapt

SAN FRANCISCO—South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. said Thursday (Sept. 23) it has begun mass producing an 8 gigabyte small outline dual inline memory module (SoDIMM) for laptops and mobile workstations.

Samsung (Seoul, South Korea) said the module is based on 4-gigabit, 40-nm class DDR3.

Samsung said it is shipping 8 GB configurations of the new modules. Dell Inc., first to market with the new module, is offering it in the 17-inch Dell Precision M6500 mobile workstation, which features 32GBs of Samsung 40nm-class DDR3, or four 8GB SoDIMMs,

Samsung said. Eight gigabyte DDR3 memory consumes 53 percent less power than two 4GB DDR3 modules, Samsung said. According to market research firm iSuppli Corp., the DRAM market is expected to grow 51 percent in 2010 and increase another 60 percent in 2011

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