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A7670E GSM-MQTT (uart connection) connection,Express M.2 Network Card for A7670E

I have managed to properly setup the SIM that i'm using following this sequence AT+CFUN ATEO AT AT+CPIN AT+GMR AT+CSQ AT+COPS AT+CREG AT+CNMP AT+CMEE AT+CGDCONT AT+CGACT (these seem to work properly) MQTT Connection AT+CMQTTSTART (works properly) *AT+CMQTTACCQ=0,"myClient"", "OK"); AT+CMQTTCON=0 (returns +CMQTTCONNECT: 0,0 ) AT+CMQTTKEEPALIVE (Sending command: AT+CMQTTKEEPALIVE=0,30 Received response: ERROR) AT+CMQTTSUBTOPIC=0,20,0 (ERROR) AT+CMQTTSUB=0,20,0 (ERROR)

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