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pcb fabrication 1
pcb fabrication 1

pcb fabrication


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    Welcome to AND where you can find independent information, reviews, testing, and coupons on this amazing product that is quickly improving the lifestyles of so many.
          In addition to high quality products, we own a group of experts to create breakthrough improvements of our electronic manufacturing services and bring the customers maximum benefit. We have the ability to offer prototype and rapid turn around PCB Assembly for surface mount, mixed technology and conventional PCB assemblies.

                                                    Project Transition:
    We are highly skilled at helping customers transition from consignment, system trunkey manufacturing through box build (PCBA level through system build, integration, test and pack-out)
    Low to high volume products, short runs, engineering builds and prototypes
    Current engineering of new OEM product with PCB DRC prior to PCB fabrication.
    Cross-functional program manager are assigned to each account for customized service
    Centralized point-of-contact for change control driven by customer's ECO process
    we will protect the intellectual property of the product for our customers!
    just leave your email or phone number in the contact form so we can send you a free quote for our wide range of designs
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