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    The GPS module L10
    1.210 PRN channels, with 66 search channels and 22 simultaneous tracking channels
    2.-165dBm tracking sensi

    The GPS module L10 brings the high performance of the MTK positioning engine to the industrial standard. 

    ·210 PRN channels, with 66 search channels and 22 simultaneous tracking channels
    ·-165dBm tracking sensitivity
    ·Highest autonomous mode acquisition sensitivity, -148dBm
    ·Low tracking power consumption, 38mA (passive antenna)
    ·Full ESD protection on all pins
    ·Embedded with one 4Mbits flash memory
    ·Superior anti-jamming design for best integration with other wireless application, such as WiFi, WiMax, CDMA and GSM
    ·AGPS ready solution
    ·Multi-path detection and correction for accurate navigation in harsh urban canyon
    ·Up to 10-Hz update rate

    General Specifications:
    L1 Band  Channel Number 22 TRK / 66 ACQ
    ·Receiver (1575.42MHz)  SBAS 19C/A (WAAS,EGNOS, MSAS), QZSS 5C/A, 5SAIF,Total 210 PRN channels
    ·Position Accuracy    Without Aid 3.0 m 2D-RMS,  DGPS 2.5m
    ·Velocity Accuracy    Without Aid 0.1 m/s,  DGPS 0.05m/s
    ·Acceleration Accuracy  Without Aid 0.1 m/s,  DGPS 0.05m/s2
    ·Timing Accuracy      < 100 ns
    ·Reacquisition Time   < 1 s
    ·TTFF (Time To First Fix)   Cold start <35s, Warm start <35s, Hot start <1s, EPO\BEE* 5-10s, SUPL** 5-10s
    ·Sensitivity    Autonomous Acquisition -148dBm, Reacquisition -160dBm, Hot start -160dBm,Tracking -165dBm
    ·Max Update Rate  10Hz
    ·Dynamic Performance   Maximum Altitude 18,000 m, Maximum Velocity 515m/s Maximum,Acceleration 4G
    ·Serial Interfaces 1 UART with baud rate 2.4 ~115.2 Kbps,1 USB V2.0 Full Speed,1 I2C
    ·Digital I/O   Configurable time pulse 1 Reset

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