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433MHz design 1
433MHz design 1

433MHz design


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    1)Time: AND offers the fastest turnaround to reach the prototype stage, followed by quick transition to production and volume manufacturing.
    2)Rapidly and Cost-Effectively.
    3) Schematics: we can draw on our very extensive library. This avoids the need to do a lot of new design and evaluation as tried and tested system solutions already exist.
    4) From Idea... to Product... to Market
    5) You Think It, We Do It. We are the best partner for designing and manufacturing products for quality brands.
    6) You have the choice of utilising AND at any level you require, from just the design phase, right up to the total manufactured and packaged product, delivered directly to your customers.
    7)We are the natural partner for designing and manufacturing high-end products for quality brands

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